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The following radios are supported by the camubox:

If you can't find your radio in the list below please
click here and ask us about supporting your radio.

VW Beetle Alphaconnected via Mini-ISO
VW Beetle Gammaconnected via Mini-ISO
VW Beetle Gamma CDconnected via Mini-ISO
VW Beta 5connected via Mini-ISO
VW Deltaconnected via Quadlock
VW Gamma 4connected via ISO
VW Gamma 5connected via Mini-ISO
VW MCDconnected via Mini-ISO
VW MFDconnected via Mini-ISO
VW MFD 2connected via Quadlock
VW MFD 2 DVDconnected via Quadlock
VW Pheatonconnected via Mini-ISO
VW R100connected via Quadlock
VW R110connected via Quadlock
VW RCD 200connected via Quadlock
VW RCD 210connected via Quadlock08
VW RCD 300connected via Quadlock
VW RCD 310connected via Quadlock08
VW RCD 500connected via Quadlock
VW RCD 510connected via Quadlock08
VW Rhapsodyconnected via Mini-ISO
VW RNS 300connected via Quadlock
VW RNS 310connected via Quadlock08
VW RNS 510connected via Quadlock08
VW RNS2connected via Quadlock
Audi Chorus 2connected via Mini-ISO
Audi Chorus 3connected via Quadlock
Audi Concert 1connected via Mini-ISO
Audi Concert 2connected via Mini-ISO
Audi Concert 3connected via Quadlock
Audi Navi BNS 5connected via Quadlock
Audi Navi Plus (without MMI)connected via Mini-ISO
Audi Navi RNS-Econnected via Quadlock
Audi Symphony 1connected via Mini-ISO
Audi Symphony 2connected via Mini-ISO
Audi Symphony 3connected via Quadlock
Seat Alanaconnected via Mini-ISO
Seat Altea CDconnected via Quadlock
Seat Altea CD02connected via Quadlock
Seat Audiosystem CD1connected via Quadlock
Seat Audiosystem CD3connected via Quadlock
Seat Auraconnected via Mini-ISO
Seat Aura CDconnected via Mini-ISO
Seat Elbaconnected via Mini-ISO
Seat Highlineconnected via Mini-ISO
Seat Lenaconnected via Mini-ISO
Seat Liceoconnected via Mini-ISO
Seat MFD2connected via Quadlock08
Seat Odeonconnected via Quadlock08
Seat RNS4connected via Quadlock08
Seat Scalaconnected via Mini-ISO
Seat Soundsystem 2connected via Mini-ISO
Skoda Amundsenconnexted via Quadlock08
Skoda Bluesconnexted via Quadlock08
Skoda Boleroconnexted via Quadlock08
Skoda Columbusconnexted via Quadlock08
Skoda Cruiseconnexted via Quadlock
Skoda Danceconnexted via Quadlock08
Skoda Melodyconnexted via Quadlock08
Skoda MS 501connexted via Mini-ISO
Skoda MS 502connexted via Mini-ISO
Skoda Navi DXconnexted via Mini-ISO
Skoda Nexusconnexted via Quadlock
Skoda SatCompassconnexted via Mini-ISO
Skoda Streamconnexted via Quadlock
Skoda Stream 2008connexted via Quadlock08
Skoda Swingconnexted via Quadlock08
Skoda Symphony CDconnexted via Mini-ISO
Skoda Symphony Kassetteconnexted via Mini-ISO

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