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Advantages over products our competitors

Customers asked us to add a page with the most essential advantages / differences camubox compared with devices of our competitors. Here it is. The order of the listing is arbitrary and states nothing about the meaning.

In the meantime some of our competitors try to take over our extensions in their devices. We can't check every daily whether they have succeeded. So for juridical reasons we will not use any product name within these comparisons.

In the C99 mode a maximum of 99 CD directories with each 99 MP3 files, i.e. 9801 files!
The camubox can play MP3 files from up to 99 directories/folders. Every directory/folder may contain up to 99 titles. This proves a total number of 9801 MP3 files. Perhaps you will ask: "I don't have that much MP3 files. So what do i need this for?"
Most devices of our competitors are able to play from a maximum of 6 CDs each containing up to 99 titles. This makes a total of 594 MP3 files. To many of our customers 594 MP3 files are simply not enough. because within a short time you will have much more than 594 MP3 files. Ask some youngsters.
Remark: If you plan to use just 594 titles, a small 4GByte SD card or a 4GByte USB stick (only camubox-usb and camubox-ia) will be enough, because an average MP3 file has a size of less than 6 MByte. 594 titles of 6 MByte make together less than 3.5 GB.

To most of our customers it is much more important that more than only 6 CD directories/folders are supported. With 99 CD directories/folders you can e.g. use a seperate directory for every interpreter. Thus it is very easy to keep the overview. With only 6 directories you have to save all MP3 files in just 6 directories. Will you know that at the 53th title the Frank Sinatra songs start and that at the 68th title your Mozart music starts? And if you want to jump to the 53rd title (in our example Frank Sinatra) you have to press 53 times the forward key to get there.
And with a device that supports 800 (or more) titles per directory it is much more circumstantial. How do you get to the 320th title? With the camubox you don't have to press the forward button 320 times! Using the camubox you can concentrate on the traffic and enjoy your music.

Or put all your CDs on an SD card or USB stick (only camubox-usb and camubox-ia) and turn on the mix/random/shuffle mode. You can drive from Austria to Portugal and you will never experience constant repetitions.

Intelligent aux plug (only camubox-ia)
The camubox-ia has an aux input for connecting the earphone output of e.g. a mobile navigation system. Some products of our competitors have an aux input with which you have to remove/disconnect all data carriers (SD and USB) so that you can use the aux input. This is very circumstantial and if the device was installed on a "hidden" place this will be extremely difficult.
With the camubox-ia you can turn on the aux input using buttons of your radio. The data carriers can remain plugged in.
But the camubox-ia offers even more: If there will be an audio signal at the aux input, the camubox-ia attenuates its music and the audio signal is overlayed on the music. This function is intended for portable navigation systems. Thus you can hear furthermore your music with the desired loudness. You don't have to manually turn down the volume of the music so that you will be able to hear possible announcements of your portable navigation system. The camubox-ia automatically attenuates the music and you will hear the announcements of your portable navigation system over the loudspeakers of your radio. You will never miss an announcement of your portable navigation system because the music is too loud or the announcement is too quiet. As far as we know the camubox is the only MP3 player of its kind which is able to do this.

Different play lists
As far as we know most devices our competitors play the tracks strictly after the position of the file names in the directory/folder. This is not the order the files are displayed in Windows!
Of course the camubox can do this too. But the camubox offers another three orders which can be displayed in Windows without using additional programs: Playing in alphabetical order, in "date created" order, or in "date modified" order. Thus you can always see and change the order the tracks are played.

Any CD directory names
For most devices of our competitors the MP3 files have to be saved in directries/folders named CD1…CD6. Of course the camubox supprots this function too, but you can also tell the camubox to use any directory/folder name. Thus e.g. you can use the name of the interpreter ("Pink", "Frank Sinatra", "Mozart" ...) for the directries/folders. This helps you to keep the overview. And perhaps you already saved your MP3 files like this on your PC, so you don't have to rename your directries/folders when you copy it to your data storage for the camubox.

Mix mode covering all CD directories
On all radios you can turn on the mix mode (also called random or shuffle). Then the titles are played in random order. On most radios mix mode uses/plays only the tracks of the currently selected CD directory. For these radios you can tell the camubox to use all (not just the selected one) available CD directories/folders for playing the music in random order. As far as we know no device our competitors supports this function.

Playing all CD directories/folders
After having played the last track of a CD directory, most of our competitors devices restart playing the first track of the currently selected CD directory. This can become absolutely dull on longer journeys.
If you want the camubox continue playing with the first track of the next CD directory/folder. Using this you can play all CDs one after the other.

Forward or backward within a track
With the camubox you can shuffle forward or backward within the track just playing by pressing the arrow pushbuttons for a longer period. This is very usefull for long tracks or an audiobook. Some devices our competitors do not support this.

Using an SD card without adapters
In contrast to some devices of our competitors the camubox can read SD cards directly, i.e. you do not need any adapters.

Data medium priority (only camubox-usb and camubox-ia)
A few devices of our competitors support different storage media/audio sources. But usually the priority is fixed and you can't change it. E.g. if you have connected a USB stick, the music will always be played from the USB stick, no matter whether an SD card is connected or not. But what do you do if you have installed a USB stick somewhere in the car and you want to play the music from your SD card? You have to remoce the USB stick. There is no other way. And this can be a lot of work if your USB stick is installed somewhere inside the car (e.g. connected via a USB cable).
The camubox is able to change the priority of the data media. You can select the priority individually on every SD card or every USB stick.

Detailed and illustrated operating instructions and installation guide
The camubox always comes with detailed and illustrated operating instructions and installation guide. Some of our competitors provide almost no or absolutely no instructions. Don't you want to know how the functions are served and how you have to install and connect the device?

Firmware upgrades
With camubox you can load, As soon as we will upgrade the firmware of the camubox or implement some new functions you will be able to load it down from our webpage and copy it to your camubox. Thus you have the possibility always to be at the newest state and you will always receive the newest extensions. If you want we can send oyu an eMail if there will be a new upgrade, for free! A legal entitlement to upgrades does not exist.
Almost every device of our competitors will be at the state you bought it. You will not get any upgrades or extensions. Maybe you will have the chance to send your player back to the producer and he will install a new upgrade. But this will cost money and a lot of time. Time that you will be without a player. And to be honest: you will not do this twice or more times.

Small housing, small connector
The camubox is presumably the smallest device of its kind. The devices of our competitors are partially almost twice as big. Also the connector plug of the camubox is substantially smaller than the plugs of the devices most of our competitors.
Certainly you will ask yourselves: what for do i need a plug at the housing?
Maybe one day you want to use your camubox in a car which has another radio and uses another connections to the radio. With the camubox you simply exchange the cable. With devices that have a steady cable to the case you must presumably exchange the whole device. And there are some juridical aspects too.

Metal housing
Ridiculous? Well, with a metal housing the MP3 player is much better protected against foreign disturbances, as for example by a cell phone. Same of course to the radiation. And a metal housing can also not get yellow that easily, become fragile or go out of shape.

German product
The camubox is a german product and is produced in Germany. Guess one day you will have a problem with a device (we heard that sometimes this shall happen). How do you want to get your guarantee (provided that guarantee was given) e.g. in China? And what's about questions to the device or to extensions? You will always reach us by eMail or by telephone and get fast and competent support.

Status: April 1, 2008
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