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New: The new camubox-ia has an aux input for connecting the earphone output of e.g. a mobile navigation system. You can turn on the aux input using buttons of your radio. The data carriers can remain plugged in. You don't have to remove them.
If there will be an audio signal at the aux input, the camubox-ia attenuates its music and the audio signal is overlayed on the music. This function is intended for portable navigation systems. Thus you can hear furthermore your music with the desired loudness. You don't have to manually turn down the volume of the music so that you will be able to hear possible announcements of your portable navigation system. The camubox-ia automatically attenuates the music and you will hear the announcements of your portable navigation system over the loudspeakers of your radio. You will never miss an announcement of your portable navigation system because the music is too loud or the announcement is too quiet.

Description of the camubox

The camubox is an MP3-player that is very easy to connect via one single cable to a factory-installed radio in Volkswagen (VW), Skoda, Seat or Audi. The camubox is operated via the radio pushbutton and acts like a CD changer, i.e. the radio does not detect that the music coming from the camubox is not from a CD but is generated from MP3 files saved on a data medium. Furthermore the camubox can fulfill further functions which your radio does not have (e.g. shuffling across the entire magazine).

As a storage medium the camubox uses SD, SDHC, MMC cards or USB memory sticks (only camubox-usb and camubox-ia) having any desired memory size. There is no capping of the capacity. These memory media, owing to high production rates, in the meantime are very reasonably prized. Maybe you have bought larger memory cards for your digital camera in the meantime. You can now use the "old" cards for the camubox.

The MP3 files are filed on the data medium in up to 99 directories called CD1,CD2…CD99. You can do this comfortably on your PC. Per CD directory up to 99 tracks can be filed. This yields a total number of 9801 tracks and should suffice in any case.

The camubox is clearly smaller than a pack of paper tissues (click here to show a comparison of size) and is installed via a small plug similar to RJ45, which renders re-laying the cable within the car extremely simple. The camubox weighs just between 105 and 135g and can be fixed safely e.g. by means of a Velcro tape or a double-faced adhesive tape

Thanks to the very small size of the data media you can deposit a vast number of them in your car. The data medium is comfortably inserted into the front plate of the camubox. No latches or bolts have to be unfastened.

Brief overview of advantages over FM transmitters

  • Controlled via the built-in radio, thus no danger of distraction from traffic events
  • No cable tangle in the car
  • No jumbled frequencies
  • Best sound quality

Advantages over products our competitors

This list is too long for this site. So we made an extra site. To read it please click here.

Operating instructions

For downloading the latest operating instructions of the camubox, please right-click on OperatingInstructions.pdf and save the instructions to your computer with "save target under..".

Technical data of the camubox

Data medium    SD, SDHC, MMC card or USB memory stick (onyl camubox-usb and camubox-ia)
Data medium formatted with one primary partition with file system FAT16
or FAT32. Storage capacity unlimited

MP3 formats MPEG1 Audio Layer III (ISO/IEC 11172-3) (MP3)
MPEG2 Audio Layer III (ISO/IEC 13818-3.2)
MPEG2.5 extension
Sampling frequencies 48, 44.1, 32, 24, 22.05, 16, 12, 11.025, 8 KHz
Data rate 8Kbit/s up to 320 Kbit/s

Connections Front

Slot for SD, SDHC or MMC card
USB-A bushing (only camubox-usb and camubox-ia)
Bushing similar to RJ45
3.5mm audio stereo jack (only camubox-ia)

Housing Aluminum housing, naturally anodized
55mm x 25mm x 104mm (WxDxH)
Weight approx. 105 to 135g

Radios supported Almost all factory-installed radios in Volkswagen(VW),
Skoda, Seat and Audi. A detailed and up-to-date list
of radios supported is to be found on our website.

The CE conformity declaration can be obtained from Sacora-Computersysteme GmbH.

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